Hardware - Soundcard benchmark

Name Price Category (€) Latency@48kHz(fr64)[ms] USB ID Link
HifiBerry DAC+ADC 50 3.7 build-in (hifiberry-dasplusadc) HiFiBerry
HifiBerry Digi HiFi wm8804 40 4.7 build-in (hifiberry-digi) HiFiBerry
Scarlett 2i2 USB: Audio 160 5.8 1235:8210
RME Babyface Pro 750 5.8 2a39:3fb0
PreSonus AudioBox iTwo: USB Audio 120 6.1 194f:0403
Rubix24: USB Audio 180 6.4 0582:01e0
Ploytec JCT2.0: USB Audio Junction 2.0 50 6.7 0a4a:a400 Ploytec
Behringer u-phoria UMC1820: USB Audio 200 7.2 1397:0503
Yamaha: AG06/AG03: USB Audio 150 7.7 0499:170d
Behringer u-phoria UM2: USB Audio CODEC (chip: TI PCM2902) 40 8.0 08bb:2902
Mackie Onyx Artist 1-2: USB Audio 90 10.3 0a73:001e Mackie
Behringer Xenyx Q802USB: (Chip: TI PCM2902C) 10.7 08bb:29c2
Beyer Dynamic USB-Converter: USB PnP Sound Device: Audio 11.4 (fr128) 0d8c:000c
Line 6 Sonic Port VX: USB Audio 16.5 (fr128) 0e41:5167
YELLOWTEC PUC2: USB Audio 17.2 (fr128) 0a4a:6a02
VIGO SL-8850-BK-01 (Cmedia): USB PnP Sound Device: Audio 42.7 (fr256) 0d8c:013c
Plantronics P610: USB Audio 63.1 (fr256) 047f:c02f
Komplete Audio 1: USB Audio 56.8 (fr128) 17cc:1830

I have used a Mackie Onyx 1x2 with the OV Box box.orlandoviols.com (will be integrated in the digital stage box ). Latency was around 12 ms @ 48 kHz with a WLAN connection from Berlin to Cologne and Oldenburg.

12 ms mit WLan ist aber doch sehr gut !

This is only by good luck - only Berlin has such a direct Backbone connection to the main four German Internet exchange points, see X-WiN und Internet-Backbones in Deutschland

But it shows what is possible for music! Single-digit millisecond times are awesome/essential.

Please note that we learned that not all MOTU Interfaces currently work with the digital stage box & OVbox because of an incompatibility with Linux. Ensure to test before if you plan to use a MOTU.

No Headphone Sound with Focusrite : If you use a new Focusrite Interface it may happen that you don’t hear sound in headphones. Try to connect the headphones with the Line Out 1 instead, while increasing the monitor volume. If you hear something there, you need to change the internal routing setup in the interface. (Tested with Scarlet and Clarett Interfaces)

Fastmusic list of raspi USB sound card latencies

Hi, wird die i2s soundkarte mit wm8960 plug&play von der ov-box unterstützt?

HAT wie Waveshare wird wahrscheinlich problemlos laufen. Allerdings sind nur aufgelötete schlechte MEMS Mikrofone als Input vorhanden, und die Endstufe wird Rückkopplungen verursachen! Nur Klinke für Headphones ist erlaubt.

The class compliant MOTU sound cards should work with Linux kernel 5.10, which is now available on RaspiOS. Thus the latest ovbox version might support those cards (untested since I don’t have one).

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Zoom H2 Recorder works well with the box, connected as „Audio I/O device“.
Although the box was not marked „active“ on the website the connection was good with 2 channels sent (Surround).

Is Behringer u phoria UMC 204 compatible with ovbox?