Vodafone Cable - Upload 50 Booster

I ordered this Upload 50 Booster option for my 100/10 Cable tariff at additional 2,99€, because my Upload of 10 MBit/s limited the number of peers in peer-2-peer mode on the ov-box. Each connection to a peer costs 0.9Mbit/s uncompressed audio, this seems to be enough for 10 other participants in a stage with ovbox. But you dont have 10mbit all the time, and i am not alone on that cable in my household using the upload and you need headroom. So i experienced loss in audio quality already with 5-6 peers in ovbox session. Upgrading to 250/25 or 1000/50 tariff would have been much more expensive to get more upload.
After some 6 days of partial outage in the vodafone net, that made it to the local news now my connection on geschwindigkeit.de reads as