Vmix Live Production & Streaming Software

https://www.vmix.com/ is very similar to OBS but used in more professional settings and freemium, price for resolutions starting with HD is 60…1200$ (one time purchase for application).
It can output 3 streams in parallel and even features adding Call-in.
PTZ control for several cameras is possible as well.

How to overlay text

  1. Generate with ProPresenter
  2. send via Ethernet using NDI Network device interface
    Use green background for chrome keying to have transparancy in vMix

alternative local ppt

  1. Create Master Slide for lower third, right text box, whatever needed
  2. fill rest with green for chrome keying
  3. overlay in vMix after camera inputs are mixed, into PIP

Use elgato streamdeck (150$) for switching camera inputs and preset and overlay (and dissolve)