Vivivaldi stream tunnel box

Low-Latency hardware from [dtraining, Milano](https://DTraining Srl | Milano, Via Carlo Vittadini, 6 - 20136 ) has no details on the website.
It is hardware VPN appliance that enables/fakes ptp over a regular residential ISP.
Packet re-transmission is handled in underlying VPN, so it cannot be very latency streams(needs several 100ms). Monitoring streams will have all dropouts audible.
Media clock must be samfple rate converted since it cannot be jitter free.
Multicast would be preferred but has to fallback to unicast.

Lockdown Rock Projekt video

  • 4 musicians in Italian towns 50~150km apart
  • ISP FTTH fiber to the home.
  • All use a Vivivaldi VPN hardware plus Ravenna Hardware like
  • Ping was 60…100ms
  • GPS was Raspi based with 1µs after averaging
  • Latency during webcast session recording seemed to be 170ms

It nicely shows remote control complexity.

Kudos to the developer Luca Giaroli (PM Direct Out) and the Host Andreas Hildebrand (Ravenna)!

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Another encoder is 40ms 4kp60