User Situation: Orchestra

We are interested in the needs of different conditions. Please report in this thread your expectations & needs for orchesstras.

My first thoughts as conductor:

We would probably need the possibility of „mixing“ some instruments. This is something that ideally would be done automatically with the possibility of the conductor being able to move manually some virtual fader. There are some instruments that need to have a lower volume by default (e.g. trumpets and trombones). An alternative to an intelligent algorithm that can change the volume individually with regard to the rest (which would be awesome but probably difficult to implement (?)), would be to have some „presets“ so that each player chooses a pre-configured instrument that gives a relative volume to a given instrument.


The digital stage system will have a central virtual audiomixer, where a sound director can provide all participants with a basic stereo mixdown of the tutti. Additionnaly, every participant can choose some other partners to be connected with priority (e.g. the soloists among each other).