User Situation: Choir

We are interested in the needs of different conditions. Please report in this thread your expectations & needs for choirs.

What I‘d expect: easy installation and setup for all musicians (ASIO4All is complicated for some people). Maybe a setup guide (which starts on first launch) would be good.
Also there shouldn’t be a Smartscreen warning like e.g. in Jamulus. Furthermore buffer size settings etc. should be explained (longer = less dropouts, but more latency etc.)

And of course: a „I don’t hear sound option would be great“:

E.g.: a button labeled with: I have audio issues! Which openes a consumer debug would great.

Something like:

What do you have issues with?

I don’t hear anything.

Others can’t hear me

The sound is bad: I have dropouts

The latency is too high

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great - thank you - we will let our developers know about your suggestions!

Soundjack’s mixing server or peer is an important function for choir use. We have successfully tested Soundjack a few times with a small group during our Corona online choir rehearsal sessions the last weeks.
The major problem is that it is too complex to setup for the average user. ASIO is almost a must but noone by default has ASIO devices, and ASIO4ALL is far to complex to use.
The planned ready-to-use Soundjack box plus audio interface is a good idea but too expensive for non-professionals.
I fear the website only solution will not meet latency requirements even for choirs.

you might wish to try the digital stage web interface. The basic version is expected to be online by October 26th. Currently you can test the prototype under

The new lockdown in Germany requires again online rehearsals for our choir. This was the reason why I checked again the status ob the web interface. But the test page has been offline at least for some days - the status message says due to ongoing development.

Welcome back, good you‘re asking. We are scrambling to finish in a few days, please get the newsletter to stay informed!

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  • Ability to self-separate and/or facilitator-separate into sections/sub-groups.

  • Ability for facilitator/director to specify section leads

    • Mode to prioritize and/or highlight audio and video of the director and section lead
  • Interface for facilitator to mute any participant from the group mix

  • Interface for facilitator to at a glance monitor latency and audio-quality of all participants

  • Interface for facilitator to mute any participant from the group mix

  • Idea: (override-able) option to automatically exclude participants with too much latency, poor contributed audio quality, feedback, or background noise from the group mix


Hi @danielzi, I just stumbled across your message from November, when searching for „new lockdown“, where you state that the web interface will be finished in a few days. Are there any news, which you can share with the community?

Is there a newsletter archive available somewhere?

Thanks in advance for your reply, Karmen

Dear Karmen, the web interface is currently under a revision and will be available soon again. In the meantime, you might consider to test our box prototype.