Update the ovbox

Open https://box.orlandoviols.com/ with your login, and device settings/expert settings, and check your firmware version at the end - since 2020-10 there is a button for updating if you don’t have the most recent version…

The full manual is in https://github.com/gisogrimm/ovbox/wiki/Installation

Don’t update on the terminal but create a new SD card for now. The update process is not stable enough.

look at box.orlandoviols.com -> my device settings, at the very end:
current version today:
ovclient-0.4.60-116da2d - your device is up to date.

jackd --sync -P 40 -d alsa -d hw:CARD=VSL,DEV=0 -r 48000 -p 64 -n 2