Transporting Midi and Timecode Data

It would be great to have data streams transported next to Audio and Video.

ovbox supports sharing arbitrary UDP data, e.g., OSC messages. This is used for sharing head motion data, and can also be used for other stuff.


i like the idea of head motion data. Where can i find more infos about this? )e.g thann shopping list)
One more thing: i find it really hard to find musicians in the house of consort. When is a good time and day to meet prople? Maybe a whiteboard would be fine to exchange contact details for meetings. One more thing: what does it mean, when the names are in grey and not yellow?
Thanks for helping, barny

I ment „thomann shopping list“. Sorry

Yes ! with Osc it is possible to generate midi clock , Ableton Link or any kind of controller data = Open Sound Control , let´s look after this …

regarding the head tracker: Arduino code can be found here:

The I2C pins of the motion tracker needs to be connected correctly. Actually I just realized that the code would need some cleaning, it does not need any OSC or WiFi header, as it is sending via USB serial. A candidate for the motion tracker could be:

(you will find many more shopping options in the internet). I was using an ESP8266 based board because I have a wireless version in another project, but actually any ardunio nano or similar should do the job.


regarding the colours in the „house of consort“ web frontend: Gray means the device is inactve, yellow means the device is active.
I think I will add some kind of whiteboard on the „door“ of the rooms. For more specific user communication you will need to use other platforms (e.g., this forum, create a new topic „ovbox-sessions“ or similar) - the frontend is rather simple and I am not a web developer.