Sessionwire DAW internet live connection

Sessionwire connects DAWs like Logic and ProTools for remote recording sessions and mixdown work.

OSX ONLY! Windwows planned for next year.
First release was end of 2018.

It costs 150$/year with 30days free test period.

See yt for user support videos:

About latency:

Real time remote jamming and collaboration - The Holy Grail!!
I see it almost everyday online—even in reference to Sessionwire: “latency issue solved!” or, “zero-latency jamming.” So very sorry to be the bearer of bad news but, “Nope!” The cold, hard truth is Internet latency is here to stay. Sessionwire does have some tricks up its sleeve though, for a future release — a way to practically remove the experience of latency from the recording process. (We’ll be sharing more on that in a later post.)

…overdubs, producing bands “live off the floor”, mix reviews, song writing, arranging, and so on is where Sessionwire truly shines