SD-WAN software defined WAN

Internet Service Providers can offer better-than-average connections to users.

Some features are

  • WAN Optimization: dedicated point-to-point connection with custom compression and error correction
  • Hybrid WAN: combining different type of access interfaces for one connection
  • Dynamic path selection – Dynamic packet by packet network route selection based on quality, application priority and other policies
  • Application specific optimization – Prioritize one application

SD-WAN solutions need an on premise device, a smart router, and a cloud based management.

Microsoft offers a wormhole between its Server sites calld expressroute.
It runs over Microsofts own fiber connections and is much faster than Internet.
The last mile from ISP to closest (in ms) Azure Server and the last mile are regular Internet speed, so it’s only an advantage for long distances.

MPLS Multiprotocoll label switching is for Corporations that need to connect two sites with a private tunnel provided by their ISP.
It costs several thousand $/month for decent bandwidth.

DIA dedicated intern access gives advantages for the first&last mile, since you don’t have a shared medium with neighbours. I costs several hundert $/months. Not al FTTH Fiber to the home/curb/desk do qualify, they normally would have a shared line to the next big Internet exchange node.

Bonded Cellular

You configure a multipath multimodal internet access using parallel Wifi and Modems of several providers in order to stack bandwidth and reliability.
Needs a complementary endpoint or cloud service to combine the Packets transported with different sMAC& sourceIP adresses again.
Products offered starting 2000€, needs service subscription:

This is a misunderstanding of the concept „expressroute“ in Azure. Expressroute is the enterprise size solution of vpn connection to your private vnet in azure, You deploy a normal VPN GW and switch on the taste „expressroute“. The you deploy a connection, and fill in the data of your mpls endpoint. So this network connection runs over mpls. An MPLS connection price atm is atm around:
10 Mbit/s leased line 400-650€/month. If you want at least 100mBit you need a glas fibre leased line whih costs much more.
Normal consumers do not buy leased lines - its to expensive.
Site-2-site connections between sites in Azure are over the Azure network, and the connections between azure regions are very fast. Microsoft is one of the largest tier 0 providers and owns subocean cables. So what Microsoft offers as wormhole is connecting different on onprem sites of an enterprise between regions where azure exists via azure at lower cost than leased lines, which is a solid and price beneficial offering to connect sites between countries and continents. But its not of interest for the use case "a musician connects to the internet.