OV-Box Stero Audio transported to digital-stage-web Stereo Audio

To translate an OrlandoViols-Box stereo audio signal to digital-stage-web audio in stereo quality (in order to have additional Ensemble Members to just listen along), you can use two accounts:

  • connect one ov-box in the room via Jack Cable (Line out left) with one digital-stage-web account, named „Left“

  • connect the same ov-box in the room via Jack cable (Line out right) with another digital-stage-web account, named „Right“

  • place in the digital-stage-web 3D-Audio setup the „Left“ account to the left, and the „Right“ account to the right of the „global settings“ setup

This will result any participants of the digital-stage-web session to listen to something close to the original audio of the ov-box alongside.

Please ensure to mute all microphones of listeners-only, because they will produce additional latency if activated.

(advice with credits to Giso Grimm and Saartje Brockmans)