My working ov-box setup

I just want to share my minimal working setup with ov-box: raspi 4th generation 4gb ram, AllenHeat Zed14 mixer connected as standard compliant USB audio device, network cable connected to the router.

I found this a very useful combination as I can just plug different mics, instruments into the mixer and have it work as audio card connected to the raspi. It also has it’s own power, so the USB only used for data.

Eventually it would be nice to test using a simulated room as a remote send/receive fx, albeit that is a bit experimental :slight_smile:

The LAN cable is obviously preferred to wifi, as I have seen that even in the same room WIFI can add between 5 and 8ms with a classic IPv4 router.
Also with LAN cable you don’t have to configure connection in the raspberry image before booting.

my 2 cents :slight_smile:


Hello Alessandro ,
i tested the Ov-Box successfully with Tobias Hegemann ,
me on a 4Gb Pi with a Focusrite 2i2 .
also bought just yesterday a Behringer UMC 1820 , to test multichannel with the OV Box ,

Is the Zed14 2 channel only and did you measure the hardware latency ?
I have a Yamaha Steinberg firewire mixer that I use with Soundjack and I completly agree that it is useful to have a mixer as "frontend "

do you want to do a test with

Greetings from Cologne

Bernd Keul

Mobil 0177/1628920


Hi, just read your posts (and had a look to one youtube video). I want to play with my friends (4other guys incl. drums). Now my question: ov-box seems to be for music only. How do you handle „voice“ and „video“? I think it is quite essential to see each other and be able to talk to start a session/song.
Any help would be nice,
Barny/Dortmund; Keyboards and basic tec-knowledge available

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Hi Barny! We are working on integration of ov-box and ov-client ( osx, linux, win) with digital-stage. Digital-stage service will provide web frontend for controlling the audio rendering engine and as room/video management; the final idea is to have separate low latency audio on the ov-box or ov-client and use the digital-stage service to manage rooms, the mixer and the video streams from a web interface that can also be on a different machine :slight_smile: it’s still a work in progress but you can signup at or if you are a developer have a look at, :))

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Hi Berndkeul,
sorry for late reply!
I did not have time to test latency on the box…but I do plan to do that in january ! will let u know :slight_smile:

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