Music Teaching Platform

Doozoo is a music teaching online software.
It costs a teacher 15Eur per 5 students, discounts possible.
It requires only a browser(Chrome, Firefox, Safari) and offers many useful features:

  • upload .pdf &file management available also outside lesson duration
  • display sheet music
  • multiple web cams possible
  • recording, can be used as snippet playback during the lesson and in later lessons
  • audio player with sync playback teacher&student, incl loop, pitch, speed control
  • archiving (additional cost)
  • one-click remote control for metronome, display, playback
  • latency compensation for click and audio player
  • Metronome with toggle each klick off/1/2/3-volume, but no tap entry :frowning:
  • Instrument tuner and note playback
  • Offline mode for students

Current education institute users are Musikschule Mannheim, Musikhochschule Mannheim and Musikhochschule M√ľnster.

Very good intro Video

Another Intro Video

  • purchase recorded minutes
  • pre session check: Cam inputs, echo/noise suppression