Lol: low-latency hardware bundle from Triest/Italien, not meant for single Musicians but studios since it requires professional equipment:

We want, however, to make you notice that LoLa is not just a software application to download and install. LoLa is a state of the art advanced system composed by the software itself, an adequate high performance and specialized hardware and an high capacity, reliable, error free and „symmetric connection“ network service.

It needs >1Gbps clean path between locations, mostly for only academic and reseach networks.
Its a licensed software available for free for all academic and education non profit uses

It’s running in a lot of places: Google Maps

  • Maximum 3 sites can join one session.
  • Max 4 Ximea Cameras are supported
  • Audio using PCIe to get down to 32 Samples buffersize
  • only Intel Ethernet NIC
  • Only Win10
  • no Firewall, no IPv6, no switches to WAN router

User Manual

Cost Estimation:

3000 high-end PC
1500 special camera +acc.

optional if existing

<1000 audio mic, mixer, speakers
1000 projector

LoLa is busy researching and testing additional Hardwaware configurations, but the minimum demand for the ISP(internet service provider) network quality is still

100Mbps up/down
minimal 50M bandwidth guarantee at all times
low jitter
low latency