Jamulus - well-known open source application

There is a very active discussion board on sourceforge.net

Some help tips: hle999hle / jamulus-doc / wiki / Home — Bitbucket

! This copy below might be outdated, only for search help!

This is a collection of documents for Cantabile Jamulus support

Quick self-check

  1. Connect to a test server (to make sure you can join a rehearsal room)
  2. Verify latency/ping value (to make sure you are reasonable „close“ to a rehearsal room)
  3. Sing a few bars of music (to make sure you can be heard in the rehearsal room)

more information.


  • Two most important things
    1. Use a wired Ethernet connection (not WiFi)
    2. Use a wired headset (not Bluetooth)
  • Jamulus has a chat window in case you have issues with audio (can’t hear, can’t talk) and you need to communicate with the rest of the team.
  • Make sure you set your Name/Alias in your Jamulus profile (Jamulus menu - View → My Profile)
  • When you open the list of servers, take a quick look at the second column „Ping time“, you should see some „Green“ color (those less than or equals to 50ms). If you see only ALL Red, then it is likely that your network connection is not „close enough“ and will likely lead to audio delay.
  • When communicating with the tech volunteers for help, they will generally want to know the following
    • PC or Mac
    • OS version (for example MacOS 10.15.6 or Windows 10 …)
    • Were you able to install Jamulus?
    • For Windows,
      • Were you able to install ASIO4ALL Audio Driver?
    • Were you able to start Jamulus?
    • Were you able to find a test server and connect?
    • For Windows,
      • Were you able to start "ASIO4ALL v2 Off-Line Settings? Do you see any listing under „WDM Device List“?
      • Can you see a green status light for the ASIO4All device (for more info see the bottom of this doc. Look for the string „You should see a “green arrow” to indicate that the ASIO4All driver is working OK.“)

Additional resources