How to record a session with the box

There are (at least) 3 possibilities to record the sound of a box (or to feed a live stream):

  1. with a computer online in the same LAN network as the box (record):
    open mixer > choose channel > rec
    after the stop a link is displayed - please ensure to download the audio file before switching off the box (because it is temporarily stored in the RAM of the box). If you run out of RAM space, you should delete some recordings.

  2. with an active box (record or stream):
    connect the line out of the interface with any recording device through a cable

  3. with a passive (listen-only) box (record or stream):
    connect an additional box with the same stage
    show device settings > audio settings > remove channel (please remove all channels)
    then this box turns into the listening-only mode with a different position of the other participants (boxes): they are now placed all in front of the listener in a half-circle like on a stage, in the order as displayed on the website
    You can additionnaly set the receive buffer higher for the passive box, which reduces the risk of dropouts. This will not affect the other connections.

To change places / positions of participants: select the box to change and click on the name of another box. The two then switch places.

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Hi, seems like one still need to connect an usb audio interface to be able to start the ov-box before being able to choose option 3… Right?

Hi, i tried to use listening only ov-box (option3). Box was „blue“ in the room together with my box and 2 friends(one single channel, one dual channel). Unfortunately it affected the sound quality of our normal setup. Any help available - or - can someone confirm this setup is working with actual sw?

The USB interface is part of the system and has to be connected for Jack to get a proper clock source. This seems unintuitive since you don’t actually us in or output - but the on-board media clock is too bad for jack.

I cannot imagine how the listen only box might affect audoi quality besides network bandwidth - more traffic leads to more congestion. How much up/download do you have left while all is running?

Hi, made some modifications and it worked. Thanks anyway! Wondering if e.g. different sample-rate or period-size settings within a P2P-group make the change? Is there on the fly concersion between different values? One other thing i’m wondering about is Pi-temperature. One open case Pi is about 55deg@25% prozessor load whereas closed Pi seems to be definitely hotter. Is there a thermal throttling limit somewhere (causing package drop)? My impression regarding drop-outs is, the louder the music (yellow mix bar) the more drop outs (are noticeable).
Thanks for good support; although still looking for a drummer for 80’s music…

Raspi4 gets very warn and must be cooled with a fan and preferably a heavy nice case. The original plastic one and those are not usable for high cpu load, and small packets create a lot of scheduling and i/o load, that is why we insist on argon one or better cases.
a dropout is unpleasant, more dropouts even more so, and yes, higher volume is more likely to make them more audible.