Haivision SRT Hub

Microsoft Azure offeres very good connection between its many Data Center locations.
SRT Hub offers access to users leveraging these „wormhole tunnels“, only the distance to the first and from the last Azure node must be traversed in conventional ISP internet service provider performance.

The service is currently in trial / preproduction phase.

Haivision developed SRT secure reliable transport as an open source AV transport standard and implementation in 2017.

It has 200 supporting companies, that together with Haivision offer a multitude of Products.

  • based on UDP and UDT, its data transfer protocol.
  • Jitter-buffer needed for packet retransmission is 4(±1) * round trip time.
  • DTLS 1.2 incl AES128 or AES265
  • Support in Azure, not AWS / GCP