Error reports for SoundJack

If you find an error with soundjack or the fastmusic box and want to report to the author, please click Sign in · GitLab

Please add the following information, which at least should include these indispensable elements:

  1. ID/name : Keep it brief and use correct terms. A best practice is to include the name of the feature where you found an issue. A good example could be ‚Unable to connect to localhost‘.
  2. Description/summary: If you feel the name is not sufficient, explain the bug in a few words. Share it in easy-to-understand language. Keep in mind that your description might be used to search in your bug tracking application, so make sure to use the right words.
  3. Environment: Depending on your device, operating system, drivers, and soundcard, Soundjack may behave differently from one environment to another. Make sure your developers know your technical environment.
  4. Visual proof: A picture is worth a thousand words. Although it might not be enough, a visual element like a screenshot or a video will help your developers understand the problem better and faster.
  5. Steps to reproduce : A screenshot is a proof that you had a problem, but keep in mind that your developer might not be able to reproduce the bug. Make sure to describe, with as much detail as possible, the steps you took before you encountered the bug.
  6. Expected vs. actual results : Explain what results you expected - be as specific as possible. Just saying „it doesn’t work as expected“ is not useful. It’s also helpful to describe what you actually experienced. Optional: You can also include extra information such as the severity (critical, major, minor, trivial, enhancement), priority (high, medium, low), name of the reporter, person assigned or a due date.
  7. Contacts : Do not forget to add your name, email and phone number so that we can reach out to you as soon as the issue is solved or if you need more help from you.

Thank you very much for your contribution!