CDN Content Delivery Networks

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Limelight
  • Facebook Live
  • Youtube
  • Workplace by facebook
  • Akamai


Very new technology with sub-second streaming and webrtc ingest.
Made for Sports with Betting etc.
Press release 2020-12

Did you look explicitely at networks built for gaming? The traditional CDN might be caching (not relevant for us here) or traffic shaping (works only for supported protocols, afaik, when you use something unusual they won’t help).

As an example - I found a reference somewhere saying that Fortnite was a high performance game with a control and update rate of 75 Hz. For low-latency audio, say buffer size 128 bytes at 48000 Hz, we are at 375 Hz packet delivery, way beyond what is considered sane in gaming (with the understanding of course that in games, you usually use a guaranteed channel for game state transfer like player-hit, and a faster non-guaranteed channel for volatile position updates).

I saw Limelight, Akamai,… also advertise their networks for gaming, but I could imagine the technology needed is very different - more of dedicated backbones than edge servers.

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