Category MVTP - Modular Video Transmission Platform and

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  • Needs very good fiber connection
  • based on FPGA
  • Video in HD, 4K and 8K
  • 8-channel analog audio with 24-bit/48 kHz encoding or 8-channel SDI embedded audio
  • Video with ultra-low-latency TICO compression
  • Available for rent and purchase

Introduction video:



Example Concerts media streaming software


  • 40ms+ or 83ms or 100ms latency (different places in doc)
  • up to 8K
  • jpeg
  • OpenGL
  • encoding uses NVENC or CUDA
  • capture cards AJA, Bluefish444, Blackmagic, Magewell or DELTACAST card
  • OSX, Win, Linux
  • Link aggregation
  • custom packet format, RTP/IP
  • Command line only

It was started in 2002 by Gharai and Collin Perkins