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Jacktrip is an open source product from one of the heros and first people to do linux audio: Chris Chafe.
It is hosted from CCRMA at Stanford

You can download it for free for Linux Mac an Windows, but installation takes a while even if you’re experienced, and operation needs some command line handling.

Maximal 10 users because of normal bandwidth and CPU power, no video support.

There is a active google group for support and a slack for developers.

Intro Video at JazzNight in America with dan Tepfner, Michael Dessen

Support Zendesk

Intro slides from Chris Chafe

Paper from Michael Dessen: Notes on telematic music production

Recently started website and foundation:

Jan Stoltenberg: yt series howto Jacktrip


  • include Audacity, Audition, and Reaper

TPF - Telematic Performance Format

  • open source client and server to connect 2-3 Endpoints(stages) see Gitlab
  • Using Jack2
  • Programmed in PureData PD, porting to VST planned


“The plug-and-play device makes it extremely easy for musicians to get up and running. You don’t have to install any software, configure any drivers, or change firewall rules. You can just plug it in, register your device via a web browser, and start singing. JackTrip Foundation plans to make this publicly available for purchase within the next several weeks.”

SPRAWL is beeing developed in TU Berlin, there is even a class during Winter Semester 2020.

Excellent help collection from Choir Cantabile

  • If you are just received the jacktrip kit and are setting up for the first time , read this first: Getting Started With A JackTrip Device Guide. If you have multiple devices, register one at a time and label the box with the username.
  • If you have problem registering a device , try connect your computer also using a wired connection. If that is not possible, see this link for additional information.
  • If it appears that your microphone/headphone is not working , it is likely that your jacktrip device is not actually connect to your jacktrip server. See this note on how to fix.
  • We might ask you to provide us ‚connection stats‘ , here is how you can get such information.


Gui for Win/Mac


Debugging VirtualStudio

Demo Reel