About Sirius (sound optimized platform for music teaching)

As described in my last thread, Sirius, a project of Sebastian Riegelbauer, is a platform for video conference with low latency audio, or at least with audio that’s optimized for instrumental lessons. The link to the site is https://sirius.video/. Only one person has to register as „Beta Tester“ to be able to start a new session. You can invite other people to your session using the link that appears at the top of your browser (usually http://sirius.video/$YOURROOM). Using it as Beta-tester is free as of now. It uses the WebRTC technology for audio and video transmission.

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  • recording (only upload to dropbox)
  • Connection Quality shows: Bitrate up&down, Packetloss, Resolution, Frame Rate
  • Screen sharing possible of chrome-Tab, and incl. audio: full Desktop or one Application
  • raise Hand
  • choose mic
  • Mute/Unmute
  • choose camera
  • start/stop camera
  • toggle tile view
  • view full screen
  • start live stream
  • share youtube video
  • Settings
    • Select Cam/Mic/Speaker
    • play test sound
    • profile: logout
    • More: everyone starts muted
    • Everyone starts hidden
    • 30+ languages

We are finally online with the new beta version of SIRIUS which is available for free to all users: www.sirius.video

Since spring 2020 we are developing the video conferencing system SIRIUS specifically for optimal sound quality of musical instruments and vocals. The sound is transmitted uncompressed and with high bandwidth without using filters like auto-gain-control or noise reduction. Thanks to peer-to-peer technology, we can provide low latency (below 100ms with a good internet connection) for a fast communication flow in music lessons, but also end-to-end encryption of video and sound. Data privacy according to DSGVO (GDPR) is a top priority for us. Currently we are working on a white label solution for music schools and universities to provide them with secure and sound-optimized video communication. We offer music institutions their own, separate instance of SIRIUS with individual branding (logo, start image and description text) and their own URL.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me at sebastian@sirius.video

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